Why Does This Ugly Camel Can Tell You

By Matt Giaro | Thursday, July 15th 2020

Why is this camel so ugly?

Well, I don't know, but what I noticed is that…

A lot of online entrepreneurs keep asking:

👉 Should I Write Articles or Make Videos?

👉 Should I Start a Podcast or a Youtube Channel?

👉 Should I Make Facebook or Google Ads?

👉 Should I Do This Or That?

Why all this confusion?

Because the internet is a noisy place.


new videos and ads keep pitching them on different kinds of businesses to start.

The result?

🤯 They feel overwhelmed and confused,

and everything looks so complicated!

(Why it seems so easy for others)

💪🏻 As they don't rely on their strengths and

don't deeply enjoy what they do,

they are unable to stick to ONE thing at a time,

And going around in circles,

And never achieve anything because they keep coming back to the same point...

Funny comparison:

If you had to cross the globe 🌍 ,

Why take a camel when you could take a plane?

🐪 Taking the camel is like starting something around

someone else pitched them as the "go-to solution".

✈️ While taking the plane is setting up something

on their own terms.

By doing what they love and lights 'em up,

they could also have reached their goal quicker.

👉 The solution ?

Start creating content around something meaningful

(i.e. around a passion or expertise)


I have been chasing shiny objects for many years until

I precisely discovered what I wanted to do.

And Every Man Can Do The Same,

If He Follows Those 3 simple steps:

✅ DISCOVER IT: Discover your (true) passion and expertise

✅ EMBRACE IT: Focus 100% on it (and dismiss ALL the rest)

✅ DO IT: Create a (simple) piece of content around that topic every day.

Most gonna mumble:

"meh - not advanced enough stuff"


Sorry to disappoint, Captain.

The truth is,

if looking for this "advanced stuff", didn't take them anywhere,

won't you think that they should indeed go for this "stupid-simple stuff" 🤔 ?

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