Stuck in the Shiny Object Syndrome Trap ?

By Matt Giaro

 đź‘‰ Do You Know how many online entrepreneurs are feeling stuck and struggle to make money online? 

 đź‘‰ How many of them just found themselves bouncing back and forth from opportunity to opportunity

Ohhhh boy...
The answer is simple: A lot !


Amazon FBA.




Niche Sites.

Affiliate Marketing.
And the list goes on.

Welcome to the Shiny object syndrome trap.

Some of the big Making-Money-Online-Gurus out there qualify them as “simple opportunity seekers” and “not real entrepreneurs”…

But on the flip side,

They put a lot of “Hustle!” into it, 

without never being able to find “the gold”…

You may be interested in starting your own online business,
or you already have one…

But the truth is,

You may be lost. 

Lost in this giant ocean of making money online opportunities.

You may have tried some of them…

With some kind of results.

But never really felt deeply fulfilled inside of you by what you’re doing.

Consequence ?

You keep searching and looking for something better.

And You Start Asking Yourself Some Weird (but totally legit) Questions

You don’t understand why building an online business with amazing results seems to be so easy for others ?

And why aren’t you able to just stick to ONE FREAKIN' THING?

Why don’t your efforts pay out the way they should be?

And if you’re feeling like that today,

Do yourself a favor,

and stop beating yourself up.

Let Me Make a Confession:
I’ve been trapped inside the shiny syndrome too !

My Name Is Matt Giaro, an Online Entrepreneur in my early thirties..

I have been in the same situation for almost a decade,
and I totally understand what it feels like to be in this situation.

And if you’re stuck right now, it’s not your fault.
There are plenty of Online Entrepreneurs that are in the exact same situation.

Do you know what most
internet marketers do ?

They're simply pitching you opportunity after opportunity to sell you this or that course or mentorship program.

And the thing is, most of them a pretty darn good at that.

Nothing wrong with pitching !

What’s wrong is that the vast majority of them never focus on something that’s even more important than all the freakin' Money you could make.

Let me explain :

You Can’t Drive Anywhere If You Don’t Have Enough Fuel in Your Tank

Let’s assume that you’d had to cross the country from the East to the West.

If I Was to hand you over a car with a half tank of gas and told you that you’re not allowed to add an extra drop of gas until you reach your Destination…

Chances are You would just look at me and tell me:
“Dude, You’re Crazy !”


Because you know that you’ll gonna run out of gas in just a couple of miles, and never be able to reach your Destination.

Flip it that way:

The Destination Is nothing else but the Goals you pursue.. (Financial Freedom, Fulfilment, etc.)
And the Fuel Is nothing else that Your Passion.

The bottom line:

If you don’t like what you do, just expect to fail.

Because the ugly truth is: 
Any kind of business you’re going to start,

you’ll be going to face challenges.

The only way to overcome challenges,
is to be fuelled by your passion.

It is indeed a vicious circle,
my friend…

No passion = No Fulfilment = No “real” business = Seeking out constantly for new opportunities = Getting Lost = Feeling Like S**t

And once I got that epiphany,

I just started to dismiss everything I was doing to just focus on one simple thing:

Creating content around my passion and expertise,

so that I'm sure that I'll NEVER run out of fuel.

By doing this, I finally found the gold,

And created a 6 Figure Income.

Most importantly: I am enjoying what I am doing today,

And recovered from the shiny object syndrome.


Because I just found what fires me up,

And simply create content about it.

I don't chase opportunities anymore,

because I created something around what I like.

The good news ?

You Can Do It too.
But It Will Not Happen Overnight...

As I have been going through it by myself...

I know that a lot of Men need guidance, help, and support in that process,

and that's why…

I created a daily free email newsletter called The Backdoor™

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✅ Gain Confidence and Build Momentum: By Following Simple Actions That Move The Needle and dismiss all those “get-rich-quick-hacks”.

All this so that you can finally…

Achieve Your Financial freedom and Truly live on your own terms.

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