Yesterday I watched a ted talk from a Netflix product designer
And there was an interesting fact that I wanted to share with you.


Because a lot of people rely on forms and surveys (me included) to gather data from their customers and prospects.


But the thing is that the data you gather with a form may not really be accurate.

Why ?

Are People Lying ?


Let me explain this.


Of course, having your prospects and clients answer a form is a valuable piece of feedback, but it has one weakness.


And this weakness is that you assume that the answers are true.
In other words, you assume people give you the right answer.


A lot of studies show that a lot of time, people don’t really know what they really need and what they want.


If we dig a little bit deeper into that,
A lot of time we tend to say that we want this or that,
But start doing the opposite.


And this is what happened at Netflix.
When they surveyed their customers,
they found that almost 50% of people who wanted to sign up wanted to see the library of films and content that Netflix has to offer.


But the interesting fact is when they implemented this library before signup up, people got overwhelmed and in the end, the signups went down!


And this is quite interesting.


Because Netflix did exactly what the customer wanted


Interesting parallel with selling your stuff:
You send out a form to your prospects asking what their biggest problem is?
You see results coming in.. Awesome!


You see that a majority asks for a course about X or Y subject.
You put a lot of work into it.
Release it.
They don’t buy it.
Or at least not as much as much as they told you in the survey.


This case happens quite a lot, frankly.


Why did it happen?
Precisely for the same freakin’ reason :
People tend to say things, but finish doing something else.


Trust people based on what they do,
not on what they say they’ll do.


So how can you apply this to your business?
If you’re thinking about launching a product, don’t survey people, give them directly a button with a huge discount to buy.
Tell them you’ll build this course based on what they want to have inside.


For example, you tell them that the course will start in 1 week from now and let them buy.


If you don’t have the minimum amount of customers you want,
then just refund those who bought and move on.


This is way more effective when launching a product then trying to gather data via form, then build, then launch.


So the action step I want you to take is for your next product you might be thinking about…

Don’t send them to a form.
Send them straight to a checkout page.


That way, you’ll gather real data.
Sales data.


Until tomorrow,
Do what you love and be consistent.





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