If you want to start a business around your passion but don’t have the necessary proofs to look “legitimate”…


If you’re worried about getting more followers, subscribers, views, sales


But don’t have any testimonials or “Featured In” logos AT ALL to put underneath your content…


Then this post is for you.


In this post, I’ll show you why you don’t need to have to prove anything to anybody.

As a result, you may stop procrastinate and finally launch your big thing.


Ready ?

Let’s jump right into it.


Position yourself as a beginner (and still make money)


It can be a dilemma if you’re passionate about creating content in a specific niche or around a specific topic

But don’t have any authority at all.


Most marketers and gurus will tell you that you have to prove that you’re legitimate in order to make money in your niche.











But this is claim is actually not 100% true.


And here’s why, with a real-life example :

Let’s say you want to build a business in the weight loss for diabetics niche.


2 options here.

Either you’re the perfect nutrition and fitness coach.

Either you ain’t.


And if you’re reading this, chances are, you ain’t.

You may just be a random Joe who actually has diabetes and lost 10 lbs (or trying to figure out a freakin’ way to get rid of them).

And that’s totally fine.


So what to do and how to position yourself in that niche?

First things first :

Don’t try to fool people.

Don’t try to make wrong claims.

Don’t do any of that crazy stuff.


Do this instead:

Just be honest and transparent.

By doing this,

you’ll attract the right people that you want to hang out and deal with.


Position yourself the right way to attract the right audience.

What does positioning mean?


Positioning is like establishing yourself like a magnet inside your niche.

And as every magnet: you’ll attract and repeal people at the same time.

And this is crucial when it comes to monetization.

Because ultimately what you want, is to attract like-minded people and get rid of the rest.

What you want is people that resonate with you and your message.

And those are the most intended to be your 1000 true fans.


Back to our example.

In case you’re a well-established coach with proven results:

People will come to you because they like the fact that you’re already an authority.

They are like the crazy proof-driven kind of people.

And nothing wrong with that: that’s totally fine.


They like the fact that you already are where they want to be.

You incarnate the transformation they want to have.

You are the living truth of their dream body.


Other people will not either be considering you because you are too high for them.


They’ll tell themselves:

Another fitness guru…

I’ll never be able to get the same body as this guy.

I am different. I have diabetes.

And I don’t want bigger muscles.

I’m just a random Bob with diabetes who just wants to lose 10 Ibs…


If you take the approach of the random Joe who already lost or wants to lose weight while having diabetes…

Then you’ll certainly not attract the people who are looking for authority.


But on the flip side,

you’ll attract people who are just looking for a guy like them.


Someone who’s like them and can show them the exact path to get there.


As a result?

They’ll be even more motivated to take action because they saw that it worked with a random guy just like themselves…

And they’ll become your fans.

Your raving fans.


And guess what:

Those are 2 different kinds of audiences


And the truth is:

You can’t please everyone.

And if you try to do it, you’ll just miserably fail.


So let’s embrace the fact that you’re a random Joe.

Life will be much easier.

Business, too.



Never try to fool your audience.

Your audience is your most valuable asset.

Be authentic and build your business by positioning yourself as who you really are.

This is the only way to attract the right audience.

This is the only way to continue enjoying what you’re doing.

And trust me: Money will follow.


Until next time,

Do What You Love Tiger.




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