As you’re swimming in the Make Money Online ocean,
You have been -without a shadow of a doubt- coming across all those info-marketers showing screenshots of their results and telling, “I am not here to brag, but look at my results and my income.”
Interesting fact to demonstrate “the authority to teach.”

But truth is, I have never done this, neither shall I do.
And today, I am gonna tell you why.

I am not saying that doing it is good or bad.
It’s just my personal point of view of using Screenshots to attract new subscribers and clients..


First and foremost, those screenshots or screencasts can be faked.
And believe it or not, once upon a time when I was still doing e-commerce, an info marketer who wanted to sell an “e-commerce course” asked me to borrow him my merchant account.

So that he could make a screencast so that he could “show” his future students that they could get amazing results…


Second thing : If I was using PURE financial results in my content I would just attract the wrong people.

And it has been shown times and times again that clickbaity titles like “$ XXX,XXX in XX days” only attract people that are looking for getting rich quick tricks and methods.
Not people I want to deal with.


Think about it:
If you want to attract the right prey,
you’ll have to come up with the right bait.


(Not that your audience should be considered as a prey, but you got the point. If you publish videos around hunting and want to attract people who lose weight, you may be doing something wrong.)


Last but not least:
All those “results” are just the measurement of one value:
Money that came in (=revenue)
Not profits.
Not time.
Not happiness.
Not fulfillment.


And let’s assume it was all profits.
What does this tell me about the happiness of that person?
About the time?
About his relationship?
Damn nothing.


Do I say that ALL Screenshots-Info-marketers are losers?

And I am sure they may have better financial results than I do (assuming those screenshots are real).
And you know what.
I don’t give a shyt about it anymore.
(Earlier, I was. And I was feeling like crap and beating up myself every time).

What I do say Is that Money is not the only unit of measurement you should focus on.


How many millionaires and just finish with an overdose inside their bathroom or on the toilet?

Obviously more than you think.

In my world of measurement, I believe that making $10k per month by doing the things I enjoy is far more valuable than making $100k per month by doing something I hate.


To wrap up,
Don’t get me wrong on that.

Do I say you don’t need to make case-studies or a before/after comparison with the results of your clients?
Heck, no.
In fact, you should.
It will certainly skyrocket your sales.

What I am saying here is why inside my niche, I don’t follow the horde of “making-screenshots-to-proof-my-credibility” for the reasons mentioned above.


Hope that makes sense.


Until tomorrow,
Do what You Love and be consistent.





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