We all know what it feels like:


Writing an email with passion.
Editing it, checking for typos.
Copying it into your emailing software.
Hitting the SEND button.


And then just forced to notice:
Miserable open rates.


No matter what you’ll read or see …


It’s a fact:
Most of email lists have poor engagement,
and that kind of scenario happens a lot.


Not only does it slows down your sales,
but can ultimately be a motivation killer.
Why should you continue sending out emails if almost nobody opens them?


So what can you do about it?


Let’s dive into it.


The 4 causes of low email open rates

Let’s get straight to the point.


If your emails aren’t being opened,
it can be because of 4 main causes.


Cause 1: Your emails don’t show up

How many of the emails you receive every day are getting trapped in the promotion/spam folder?


Email providers change their algorithms regularly.
There is not a lot you can do about it…


But you can still try to set up DKIM keys for your domain…
(Check that point with your autoresponder provider)


But the best way,
is still to ask your subscribers to add you to their contacts or set up a custom filter to make your emails hit the Primary Tab/Folder.


Cause 2: Your titles are just too… bad !

If your titles are too long they get truncated on mobile.
If your subject line doesn’t resonate with your subscribers, your emails may not get opened too.
And if you’re ONLY writing clickbaity titles…

You’ll also get dismissed as people don’t like to get fooled. (Who likes ?)


Something interesting would be to test your subject lines on mobile, and start writing more compelling titles.


Cause 3: Your content is not engaging

If you weren’t able to build a strong relationship with your email subscribers since they subscribed…


Chances are,
you’ll just end as all the other junk they receive in their inbox.


That’s why building a strong brand is mandatory.


And how do you achieve that?


By leveling up your content.
It is truly the key to avoid low open email rates.


Cause 4: Your email list is filled with the wrong audience.

Maybe they were interested in your topic the past,
but are not interested anymore.


Or Maybe they don’t just give a f..k about you.
They don’t like your style.


Let people hate you.
Or Love You.
But don’t let them be disengaged.


So if you have disengaged subscribers,
you should take full responsibility for that.


This is why,
What happens before they subscribe is crucial.


My simple 2-step email engagement process

It’s normal to be driven by numbers.
But just focusing on getting more and more subscribers is a dangerous trap.


And here is the MAIN takeaway:
Don’t try to get as many subscribers as possible.


I repeat:
Don’t try to get as many subscribers as possible.


How many blogs did you come across that just wanted to collect your email with a generic lead magnet like
“15 WordPress tips” or “3 weight loss tips”.


A lot.


In fact, every day, I come across a website like that.


By putting out low-quality baits,
You attract low-quality subscribers.


It’s as simple as that.


What to do?
Glad you asked.


Qualify your audience directly with your lead magnet,
And ask yourself, “What is the MOST VALUABLE thing I could offer to my MAIN TARGET CUSTOMER ?”.


Not only will you only get targeted prospects, but also, it will increase your open rates.


For example:
If you have a Website that talks about WordPress, and you want to attract affiliate marketers…
Tweaking your lead magnet from “15 WordPress Tips” to
15 WordPress Tips for Your Affiliate Website to Generate More Sales And Commissions” will only attract affiliate marketers starving for growing their revenue.


It will not resonate with the average Joe who wants to build a WordPress site to blog about pets.


Here’s another one:
“3 Effective Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 40” will only attract women over 40 who are looking to lose weight…


You got the point.


So stop chasing the numbers, chase quality.


And of course, if you can get both,
That isn’t bad too.


Step 2: Craft Your First Email Right.

The first email is essential.




Because it’s the first time they interact with your email and see your name in their inbox.


And the main goal here is that your subscribers should get familiar with your name,
your writing style,
and what you have to offer.


The main goal is to make them look for your further emails.


If after the first email they don’t tell themselves:
I can’t wait for his next email.
I can’t stand this guy.


(Remember: Be loved or hated.)


Then there is something you should do better.


What you have to understand is:


If you get people engaged with you from the very first email…
… Then you can avoid a lot of those engagement issues.


Action Step:
Take a look at your opt-in pages, lead magnets, and the first email you send.
See how you can attract better quality subscribers by tweaking them.


I’m gonna share with you the six steps I recommend to implement in your First email.


Until tomorrow,
Do what you love, and stay consistent.





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