This morning I came across a little technique Gary Halbert used in one of his newsletters back in the days.


To give you the context:

Gary posted an ad he made to his subscribers the week before and asked his readers to analyze it.


Here is what Gary said:


= = =

Listen up: this ad is very confusing and deceiving to people with a first-rate marketing mind. You pretty much have to have a _world-class _ marketing mind to understand the genius of that ad.

= = =



You really have to understand the psychology behind those two phrases.


Let’s assume you’re reading Gary Halberts’ stuff.

Fact is, you really want to be a “world-class” marketer.


Why ?

Because you’re learning from one of the greatest copywriters !


By directly telling that only a “world-class” marketing mind could understand the genius of that ad…


He literally arises a little voice inside you telling:

“I am that guy.

I have that world-class marketing mind.

And YES! I’m going to understand the genius behind that ad.”


The beautiful thing is,

You can apply that to your business.

(And you should.)


Want an example?


Let’s assume your course is short,

and you may be afraid that some clients will complain about it?


You could use this qualifying-technique to handle objections before they arise..


Here’s a solution, modeling the Garys’ phrase :


Listen up: This course is very straight to the point because I don’t want you to be overwhelmed with the material, and thus be paralyzed from taking action.

That’s why I made it deliberately short.

And Yes, I’ll deceive people who are looking for a 53hours-long-information-overload type of course.

You pretty much just have to understand the concepts,

And the examples associated with them in a short 5-minute video for every lesson.

So if you’re NOT an action taker,

and just looking for “information” without never getting results…

Then this is definitely not for you.


What do you think about that?

Do you think that people who bought the course AFTER reading this will complain about the shortness?


Definitely not.


(Another Interesting fact:

The more precise you’ll become around the “objection” the more you’ll raise the interest about it… which ultimately gets you to BUY it just for the sake of mystery.)


The bottom line:

Qualifying your prospects in that way,

Not only will it help your credibility,

Decrease refunds, etc.

But it will also help you attract the right audience you want to deal with.


Action step:


Take a look at your offers, opt-in pages, etc.

And look at how you could qualify your prospects and address objections modeling that phrase.


Until tomorrow,

Do what you love and be consistent.





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