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How To Find A Killer Title
For Your Online Course?

By Matt Giaro | Friday, July 24th 2020

If you want to create an online course around your passion or expertise...

Be warned, cause here is the ugly truth:

The title of your course has a HUGE impact on SALES.

In fact... It may even be more important than your content!


Because the first thing people see isn't your course content... 

But.. your course title!

I know it sounds pretty obvious said like that but:

If you can not "hook them" with your title, 

you simply LOST the sale...

That's why I am going to share with you a simple (yet powerful) "Killer Course Title Formula" that you can start using from TODAY.

But before going deep into this formula,

there are 3 main components that you should brainstorm right away:

1/ The OUTCOME (What your clients want to achieve)

2/ The TIMEFRAME (How long it will take to achieve the OUTCOME)

3/ The COMMON OBSTACLES AND/OR SOLUTIONS (what they have already tried or didn't work, or don't want to do).

That being said, 

we're going to use those 3 components to craft titles like this:






Let's see how it works in action: 

If I had to make a course helping content creators getting more subscribers to their mailing list by using Facebook ads, 

Here's the breakdown.

1/ OUTCOME = Getting more subscribers to a mailing list using Facebook Ads

(Note that I am very specific about the outcome)

2/ TIMEFRAME = 30 days

3/ COMMON OBSTACLE = Without spending a fortune

COMMON SOLUTION = Without having to make a video

Which gives us:

-"How to use Facebook ads to get MORE subscribers to your email list in 30 DAYS or less."

Another example.

If I was about to sell a course on how to create a course,

I could have used the following title:

"How to create your first course in 7 days or less."

Congrats 🥳,

You Have Now Between Your Hot Lil' Fingers a Prooven Formula To Create a Killer Online Course Title.

But let me be clear:

This Formula won't do any good if you don't know your audience's core desires and frustrations.

But in case you know them, it works like a charm.

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