So you want to know how to write a compelling welcome email for your autoresponder subscribers ?


In this article,

you’ll learn the exact process I use in order to craft compelling welcome emails no matter the niche you’re in.


It will not only help you improve your deliverability,
Boost email open rates on your further emails,
But also help you to better serve your audience,
and ultimately help you generate more sales.


Let’s jump right in.

Why is the Welcome Email so important?

We all know the saying: Money is in the list.


And in contrast to Social Media,
where you don’t “own” your followers,
You indeed own your email list.


And If you’re getting banned from an autoresponder platform,

you can always carry your list to another provider.


That’s obviously not the case with your Youtube Subscribers,

Facebook Fans, Or Instagram followers.


And as most content creators,

You may be in a hurry to set up your email list.


The Result?

You Just write a short 2-sentence email and hit the “next” button inside your autoresponder.


Another example…


If you take 2 emails:


  • The Welcome Email
  • A regular Product-Launch Email

I’ll bet you that the vast majority of content creators will take more time and effort to write the product launch email than the welcome Email.


And that’s a mistake.


Why ?Because you only have One Chance to Make a First (Good) Impression.


Most importantly,Your welcome Email is probably the only Email you’ll send out with an 80% open rate (or higher).


The Welcome Email is the more overlooked,
But it is one of the most important emails that you'll ever craft.


You have to consider your mailing list as a house.

If you build upon the wrong foundations,

You’ll end up with poor quality construction.



if you put the time to build a strong foundation,

Digging deep enough,

Using reliable and robust materials.

You’ll be building something that can last.

Supercharge Your Welcome Email by Offering Something (Really) Valuable to Your Subscribers

I agree.

This Power-Tip isn’t directly related to the welcome Email itself, but…

Never forget that the welcome Email is only a result of an action that has been taken by your subscriber.

This action is (obviously) filling out an opt-in form.


So take the time to really offer something valuable to your audience.



it is the first interaction with your brand.


And I can’t say it enough:

If you want to catch the right fish, you’ll have to use the right bait.



You can’t catch a shark with just an earthworm.


So if you want to attract the right people,start with putting out the right content.


It starts with solving the right problems your target subscribers have.


  • What are their pains?
  • What are their frustrations?
  • What would be the kind of quick-win that you can provide?


But there is another thing you have to consider:

Solving the right problem isn’t enough.


Because your content also has to stand out.


In other words:

If your content is just a pale copy of what your subscribers already saw elsewhere…


If it’s just the generic advice,

they already came across a dozen and dozen of times before elsewhere…


Chances are:

They will assume that your emails are also a copy of what they already saw… Elsewhere!


And don’t you think that their inbox isn’t already cluttered enough ?

Indeed it is.


So don’t let them say, “Oh just another PDF/video/whatsorever …”


Make them smash their heads with their hands,

and let them see the world trough completely new glasses.

Make Your Welcome Email Subject Line Feel Special

If you have to get one subject line right,
it’s the one of your Welcome Email.


Examples Of Welcome Email Subject Lines

Try considering these formulas:

  • Want to [DESIRED OUTCOME] ? (Ex: Want to lose weight ?)
  • The [LEAD MAGNET TYPE] You Asked For (The Podcast/Checklist/Blueprint/Video You Asked For)
  • Only For [TARGET AUDIENCE] (Only For Apple Fans)
  • We Start [NEXT EMAIL DATE] (We Start Tomorrow at 10 AM)
  • Quick Email About [DESIRED OUTCOME] or [TOPIC] (Quick Email about Your FB Ads)

The thing is to keep it sweet and short.

So that it doesn’t get truncated on mobile.

On Gmail for example,

Your Title gets truncated after more than 28 characters :

Example of a truncated Welcome Email Title On Gmail

Make Them Feel in the Right Place
and Understood

A well-written welcome email makes your subscribers feel understood and makes them feel as “in the right place”.


What you should do in your welcome Email is directly tell them that they are in the right place, because of the value they will get.

For this you can use the simple (yet powerful) "If You, Then, Because" Formula:

Then you’re in the right place,

Ok, so let’s dissect this together.


Let’s admit for the sake of this example that you’re a woman,

and that you swelled up 40 Ibs during your last pregnancy,

but were able to lose it after the childbirth.


Let’s apply the formula:

If You Swelled Up After after pregnancy and are trying to get rid of those extra pounds,
Then you’re in the right place,
Because I also went through it 4 years ago with the Pregnancy of Brian, my last son. And God Knows How Hard It Can Be!


At that point,

you hooked them and established rapport,

which is important to get your future emails opened.

⚡️ Power tip 

Consider using phrases like :

  • If you’re in this situation
  • If you’re feeling that
  • If you have been looking for
  • If you’re trying to achieve
  • Because I have been in the same situation
  • Because I helped hundreds of clients that were in the same situation

When you do that,

you directly make them feel safe and in the right place.



they will find valuable tips and valuable content that will help them go through their journey.


And you can really dive deep into that…


Keep in mind that if you’re able to explain the pains and the frustrations of your customers better than they can, they will automatically assume that you have the solution (and thus… Yep, gonna buy from you!).


And this is a powerful copywriting technique you can use straight away in your welcome Email.


Set The Right Expectations: What Will Your Subscribers Get and When ?

We've done great job until here.

Now it’s time to set expectations.

There are 2 types of expectations you’ll have to set:


The content expectation and the time expectation.


Content Expectation (Or How to Make Your Emails Unique)

Most of email newsletters out there never set expectations.What you know is that you just subscribed.And then…Crickets.


You really don’t know when you get the next Email.


(Excepts when it’s a funnel with a product launch.
Where you know to watch out for video 2 of the series by tomorrow.)


Fact is:
You don’t know when you’ll get the next Email.


So be totally clear and transparent:What will they find in your emails?What makes YOUR email list stand out from the crowd?


Time Expectation: When will I get it ?

In my case, I send out an email every day.I don’t know what your sending frequency is.


But for the sake of being consistent,Simply establish any kind of frequency.

Example for email newsletter frequencies:
  • Once a day ?

  • Every 2 Days ?
  • On Specifics Days ? (Mondays, Fridays,..)
  • Once Per Week ?

Tell them upfront when and what to expect it so that your subscribers know what will happen next.

Clean up your list upfront with your Welcome Email

Simple copywriting advice but yet so true:

Don’t make your subscriber feel that YOU need THEM.

Instead,Make them feel that THEY need you.


You Have The Solution To Their Pains.


How can you translate that into your copy?


Don’t be shy and ask them to unsubscribe if they’re not in the situation you described earlier.


Why ?

Because they won’t benefit from your emails.

Always Prefer Quality over quantity.


Concrete Exmaples :

If you’re not interested in this,
or if this is not your situation,
unsubscribe now by clicking the link at the bottom of this Email.


If you only want action takers and want to establish a “kick in the anthill” kind of atmosphere you could tell Something like:


The tips you’ll find in my emails aren’t for people who are just looking for information.
They are ONLY for ACTION-TAKERS who want to get results and change their lives.
If you’re not willing to put the effort in what I’ll send you,
Then just unsubscribe now by hitting the link at the end of this Email.


By doing this,

You let your subscribers realize who you are,

Let them discover your philosophy and the values you stand for.


Take a look at my articles and emails: I am clear upfront.


I don’t talk about “hacks” or “tricks” to beat algorithms.

I don’t preach that making money is easy.

Neither that you can get rich overnight.


This philosophy repeals people who are looking for “shortcuts.”

But let the real guys stay.

Use Your Welcome Email to
“Hack” Their Inbox

Last but not least,

once you demonstrated why they would benefit from your emails and what to expect;

It’s time to tackle most email marketers' nightmare: the SPAM or Promotion Tab.


So what you want to do here is to tell them

that if they don’t want to miss out the emails, 

you’ll send out they have to take action.


This can be:


  • Dragging your Email into the primary folder,
  • Setting up a custom filter,
  • Or Adding you to their safe sender list.

Why ?

So that your emails don’t get trapped in the spam folder.

Drag My Welcome Email To Your Inbox

But nobody will do that unless you demonstrate WHY they should do it.

(In other words : Why do you have something valuable.

Don’t forget; People always look for: What’s In For Me ?)

Ask Your Subscribers to reply To Your Welcome Email

By making your subscribers reply gives a positive signal to the email platform they use.

It may also help You to test the waters and let You see the kind people you attracted.

Examples of questions you can ask Your Subsrcibers At The End Of Your Welcome Email :


  • What do you struggle the most with ?
  • What is your biggest frustration when it comes to … ?
  • What did you try and didn’t work ?
  • What topic do they need the most help with / the most interested in ?
  • What kind of pieces of advice are you looking for?
⚡️ Power tip 

Adding what I call a buffer phrase under your question is always a great thing to do.What is a buffer phrase?
A phrase that simply emphasizes what you just asked them to do.



Feel free to reply to this email and tell me what’s your biggest struggle?

I read and reply to every email!

But nobody will do that unless you demonstrate WHY they should do it.

(In other words : Why do you have something valuable.

Don’t forget; People always look for: What’s In For Me ?)

Crafting a Powerful Welcome Email:
Final Word (And What Should Be Your Main Goal)

So as you noticed,

while most marketers focus on hacks and clickbaity subject lines when sending out their broadcasts…


There is something MORE powerful.


And to understand it,

Take a look at this:


When you get an email from your loved ones,

I can bet that you don’t look at the subject.

And if you try to observe yourself,

what is the first thing you look at when checking YOUR emails?




I bet it’s the senders' name!


You just look at the name,

and open the Email.

 Voila !

So your main goal should be that your freshly new subscriber get familiar with your name,

And directly understand that YOU CAN help him.


So that he gets used seeing your name,

and opens your email.


That is really THE MAIN THING you should aim for.

And this makes the job also much easier.



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