​Hi, Matt here.

Since you landed here let me ask you a darn simple question

Do you ​want to​ Build Your Online Business Around Your Passion Or Expertise?

If The Answer Is Yes, then you're in the right place, man.
​And would You be interested in knowing a little bit more about me.. ? 
(I guess since you landed here.)

​So let's dive in some "I'd like to introduce myself talk":

​2 facts took me to start an online business..

Fact #1: I got my first computer at the age of 10 or something like that. (You’ll notice that I am pretty bad at remembering numbers)

Fact #2: I am the kind of person who you can define as unemployable.

Because I like to be at the top of the hierarchy and hate receiving orders.
I am also an introvert who likes working on his own.

And as a result:

Starting an online business was almost the only path possible for me to make money and make a living.
(Plus: I didn’t have the money to start an offline biz…)

​I started my first business in 2010 - 2011.
(Again, I am pretty bad at remembering exact dates and numbers). 
So roughly, 10 years ago.

And I wish I told you:

I just started a business and it was successful,
I made several millions ​bucks blah blah blah.

But that was (obviously) not the case.

And here’s what happened instead...

​I have been bouncing back and forth between different kinds of businesses and opportunities.

​To mention a few : 

  • Consulting, 
  • Blogging, 
  • Affiliate Marketing, 
  • Freelancing, 
  • SAAS,
  • E-Commerce,…

Some made me 6 figures in profit. 

Some not. 

Some I did enjoy. 

Some I did hate (especially at the end).

As you can see...

There aren’t a lot kind o​f businesses I didn’t put my hands on (or was at least considering starting).

And yeah, I was making quite some money.
Always, Thank God, Enough to pay the bills. 
And Even More than that.

But no matter what business I was involved in, 
I almost always ran into the following issues:

  • Not feeling fulfilled by what I was doing: I felt like missing on something, and not being at the right place.
  • Getting Bored Quickly: After the excitement of the idea and launching… I just started to get bored quickly.

And because of that, 

I wasn’t able to build real momentum.

After scratching the surface of every new opportunity and spending a crazy amount of time and effort​ mapping it out and starting it...

I wasn’t motivated anymore to pursue and found myself having explored this ​opportunity.

It was time for me to move on. 

It was time for me to find something new.

Something better. 

Something that would turn me on even more.

And at the same time... 

I was also feeling like crap because nothing never seemed moving forward. 


Because all the "gurus" and "successful entrepreneurs" out there were shouting on the kinda "opportunity hunters" like me…

Until I Got That Epiphany...

I had to stick with one thing and stop chasing opportunities.

But, what I understood the hard way was that if I wanted to be happy and successful I had to do one simple thing.

And that thing is: Following my passion 

And before being able to follow it, 

I had to get aware of what my passion is.

In other words:

I had to find a business that is meaningful to me.

​But mostly, I had to stop.

I had to stop pushing myself to do all those tasks I hated and didn't fit my personality.

Like cold outreach or closing people over the phone with some crazy pressure tactics.

I had to stop just looking at the financial aspect of things.

I had to stop being distracted by all that noise out there.

I had to stop looking at the others.

What I had to do instead?

Just trying to understand myself and what I really wanted.

What would be the business that I would like to run until the end of my life?

Hold On, Cause I’m gonna teach you how to make money online in the 21st century...

By testing and diving deep into a bunch of online business models I came to the conclusion that :

  • There are gazillions ways to make money online
  • There are types of businesses that you’ll enjoy more than others

So Why continuing torturing myself doing things I hate?

During all those years I was constantly attracted by creating content, copywriting, and helping others achieve the same freedom I achieved in the past years (without making the same mistakes).

And this why I why I started “Maningful”.

To Help Man Build A Meaningful Business Around Their Passion, Skills, Or Expertise.

So, did you resonate with what you just read?

Then the next step would be joining my mailing list or taking that quiz..


See You on the other side, Tiger.


PS: I don't use social media.
The Best Way To Get in touch with me is by shooting me a quick email..